Младежки обмен в Румъния – “Stepping in Life”

 Младежки обмен в Румъния – “Stepping in Life” Учене за промяна


Фондация “Учене за промяна” набира петима младежи и един лидер за младежки обмен в Румъния, 22 – 30.11.2018, финансиран по програма Еразъм +.


Срок за кандидатстване 23.09.2018


“Stepping in Life” е международен младежки обмен, който има за цел да увеличи капацитета на 25 младежи да реализират своя потенциал, за да станат активни граждани и силни професионалисти.

Работния език е английски.


Ако се интересувате от участие моля да попълните следната електронна форма за кандидатстване не по късно от 23.09.2018 –ТУК

Подробна информация за обучението ще намерите в информационния пакет – Stepping into life – call for participants and Infopack


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Stepping into Life is an international youth exchange that aims to increase the capacity of 26 young people to realize their potential in order to become active citizens and strong professionals.

The project has the following objectives:

1) To expand the levels of awareness and understanding of their own values, passions and talents for 25 young people with fewer opportunities.

2) To increase the levels of employability skills cooperation, communication, confidence, team work, creativity, for 25 young people with fewer opportunities.

3) To develop the employability attitudes, resilience and grit, of 25 young people with fewer opportunities.

4) To develop the personal, professional and social sense of initiative and entrepreneurial spirit among 25 young people with fewer opportunities.



Dreams for Life, Romania

Dreams for Life is a youth organization from Romania, which operates in Cluj-Napoca. Our organization unites young adults and youth that are passionate about personal and community development.

Our mission is to support youth for following their true meaning in life, being in strong connection with nature and living in sustainable communities. (www.dreamsforlife.ro )