The Empowerment Guide 2 – manual for youth workers

Last Updated On August 13, 2018
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 The Empowerment Guide 2 – manual for youth workers Learning for changeThis guide is created as a result of intensive work by participants and trainer’s team during TC “Discover, Dream and Do 2” (2014-1-BG01-KA105-000183), funded by European “Erasmus +” Program. It contains information, tools and activities that can help youthworkers in the process of development competencies for youth employability.

This is second Manual from the “Discover, Dream and DO” series. It is result of common work between trainers and participants in second edition of training program 3D. In this manual you can find new theoretical materials related to the topics – Employability and Empowerment and also new activities and workshops that can add to ones from the first Manual. Enjoy!
The manual contains:
1. Information about TC “Discover, Dream and Do 2” and the context of creation of the Guide.
2. Basic information about Empowerment, Youth unemployment, relations between competencies and employability.
3. Texts and links to motivational and informative online resources and videos.
4. Descriptions of empowering activities and educational tools related to competency development.

Download the manual – Empowerment Guide 3D2