Handmade Creative Thinking

Last Updated On June 14, 2018
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 Handmade Creative Thinking Learning for changeThis manual is the result of the project Handmade Creative Thinking funded by the European Commission Lifelong Learning Programme, sectorial programme Leonardo da Vinci, Transfer of Innovation action (LLP-LDV-TOI-09-IT-0479).


The idea behind the Handmade Creative Thinking project came from a recognition of the need to tackle the challenges that the Cultural and Creative Industries face in Europe and the great potential of Creative Thinking to enable innovation and change.

CESIE as the applicant and coordinator applied for funding from the European Commission, LLP Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation, in order to develop a project that would improve the effectiveness and competitiveness of the applied arts/craft sector, by empowering vocational trainers, SME’s, workers and apprentices with new skills for innovation. The aim was to make available the techniques collected in this Manual, not only to those already working but also to those who in the future will be training or will have the responsibility of training, craft workers and artists.

Download the Manual – Handmade Creative Thinking