ETS Competence Model for Trainers

Last Updated On June 19, 2018
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 ETS Competence Model for Trainers Learning for changeThis set of competences for trainers working at international level aims to provide individual trainers, teams of trainers and training providers such as organisations and institutions with a model that helps
• to develop assessment tools (self- and external assessment) for individual trainers,
• to design tools for trainer teams that assist them in developing their individual and team competences, and
• to develop training strategies and related tools.
This document has been designed against the backdrop of major political developments at the European level, including the Agenda 2020 of the Council of Europe (2008) and its current work on the Strasbourg process, the EU Youth Strategy (2009), the Resolution of the Council of the European Union on youth work (2010), and the European Youth in Action programme.

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