T-Kit 12: Youth transforming conflict

Last Updated On June 19, 2018
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 T-Kit 12: Youth transforming conflict Learning for changePublished by the Council of Europe and the European Commission.

You may have wondered: what does T-Kit mean? We can offer at least two answers. The first one is as simple as the full version in English: “training kit”. The second one has more to do with the sound of the word that may easily recall “ticket”, often needed while traveling. We would like to invite you to go on a trip, a journey to discover new ideas useful while working with young people. More specifically, we would like to address youth workers and trainers and offer them theoretical and practical tools to work with and use when training young people. The T-Kit series is the result of a collective effort involving people from different cultural, professional and organizational backgrounds. Youth trainers, youth leaders in NGOs and professional writers have worked together in order to create high quality publications, which would address the needs of the target group while recognizing the diversity of approaches across Europe to each subject.

Download the manual – official website