GREENWAVE – youth driven digital transformation of green employments for a sustainable future

The GREENWAVE is a 24 monthly’ project which aims to address the issue of youth unemployment and support young people opening new routes for them in the green economy. The project is in line with the priority for tackling environmental and climate changes (SDG 2030) as well as promoting the EU GREEN DEAL SCHEME.

The GREENWAVE project does not only raise the awareness of environmental challenges, but it also promotes the acquisition of green competences, knowledge and attitudes based on the development of a GREEN COMPETENCE FRAMEWORK which is an urgent need as referred to in the EU GREEN DEAL.

Eco-friendly responsible young people will adopt green habits and practices that will support them in their life with an impact on their families, the community they live in and the economy.

The project aims at addressing youth unemployment as a consequence of the economic crisis through engaging young people in entrepreneurship education combined with responsibility towards the environment.