Wrapping up the project “From Intelligence to Inspiration”

The project “From Intelligence to Inspiration” is close to its end but this end is a new beginning for all the youngsters who took part in it. The youth exchange, aiming at contributing to the personal and professional development and mastering of personal strong sides and talents of the participants, ends with the beginning of a deep process of unfolding the personal potential and making dreams come true.

The Youth exchange offered the participants environment in which they could develop and gain competences. The learning process comprises of three consequent steps which were fulfilled involving the whole group: creating positive attitude, delivering knowledge and building skills. These steps include specific results which come from the successful implementation of the project, whose directions were:

  • the Model of Multiple Intelligence;
  • Learning styles;
  • Decision-making;
  • Goal-setting;
  • Self-reflection and self-evaluation
  • Collaboration and successful teamwork
  • Effective and successful communication
  • Creativity
  • Competency for woring in a multicultural environment and intercultural understanding and dialogue
  • Positive attitude towards self-analysis and self-expression
  • Solidarity/tolerance for diverse cultures and values
  • Collaboration towards a common goal

From now on, the project goes on with additional follow-up activities and directions which include:

  • initiating further research and projects for creating tools and materials based on the Theory of Multiple Intelligence and its place in youth work;
  • supporting the dissemination of the results from the project among a wide range of youth workers and people working in the filed of education;
  • dissemination of all tools, materials and products used and created under the project.

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