Knowledge assessment test – Youth work and NFL basics

“ACHIEVE” – innovative methods for training and development of youth workers

This is the Knowledge assessment which will help you to asses your general knowledge about Youth work and Non-formal learning. Based on your results you can create personal learning plan for your future development. For this you can use training, literature or relevant online training from this web-platform.

The Knowledge assessment is developed as a result of cooperation in the youth field by experts from Bulgaria, Cyprus and Romania in the framework of the project “ACHIEVE – innovative methods for training and development of youth workers” – 2016-2-BG01-KA205-023835, funded by the European Erasmus + Programme under Key action 2 with the support of Bulgarian National Agency, HRDC.

Before fill in the test:

  1. Remember that you have only 90 minutes for the test and no option for “save draft”. So be sure that you have enough time and nobody will disturb you during this task;
  2. The test can be filled in only once so when you start be sure to finish the test;
  3. Please do not be tempted to seek answers on the Internet. The results of the test are only for measurement of the knowledge level because the theories in the course are not very popular in the NFL field. For this reason unadulterated results will be very valuable for all present and future users;

May the Force be with you!

Learning for change team


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