First Youth exchange organized by “Learning for Change” Foundation

The project “From Intelligence to Inspiration” has officially started – an international youth exchange supproted by Erasmus+ Programme. Learning for Change Foundation along with its partners from Italy (P.E.CO – Progetti Europei di Cooperazione Genova), Romania (Association “Dreams for Life”), Spain (DESES-3) and the Czeck Republic  (Dobroti) has already selected the 25 motivated youngsters from the above-mentioned countries. In the following months and between 14th and 22nd October in particular (when the actual Youth exchange will take place) the participants will have the opportunity to explore themselves and their talents through Howard Gardner’s Model of Multiple Intelligence while experiencing group and individual challenges in the learning center “School in nature” located in the Rhodopi village Gudevica. Further down you can find more detailed information about the aims and objectives of the project and also follow us to get more news about the exchange.

 First Youth exchange organized by “Learning for Change” Foundation Learning for change

However before heading off to Gudevica, we invite you for our preliminary online phase – introduction which aims at involving the participants in the learning process and interaction before the actual beginning of the exchange, better knows as “distance learning”. The preparation goes in several directions: detailed preliminary logistic information assembled in and Infopack; preparation on the topic of Multiple Intelligence; get-to-know-each-other tasks in the form of practical tasks for personal presentation and intercultural enrichment.

Detailed logistics information gets to the participants in the form of a Informational package (Infopack) and incorporates information about the aims and activities of the project, about the participating organisations, about the place and specificity of the venue of the youth exchange (seasonal temperature, needed clothes equipment)

Preparation on the topic “Multiple Intelligence” takes the shape of four Informational Pieces, sent to the participants one by one. The pieces contain additional logistical information and information connected to the topic of Multiple Intelligence. Every piece contains info about Howard Gardner’s theory and questions for analysis and reflection. There you can also find articles, videos, graphics and explanations on the topic. One of the pieces contains a test on Multiple Intelligence.

Preliminary get-to-know-each-other phase – another direction in which the informational pieces contribute to the overall level of motivation is the presentation of the Foundation and the facilitators’ team, the partner organisations, and the participants themselves. Every piece contains info for one of the organisations and personal presentations of several participants.

Practical tasks for personal presentation and intercultural enrichment – again within the informational pieces, participants got several practical tasks like;

  • preparation of an activity realted to the participant’s personal leading intelligence to be presented and offered to the others during the exchange;
  • supproting the participants to choose a skill, connected to their hobbies, which they can teach the others during the exchange;
  • preparation of and interactive and creatie presentation by every national group which represents the country and the culture (traditional dances, folklore games, traditional meals and music)

During the implementation of this preparational phase the partner organisations collaborate for the dissemination and make sure that the Infomational pieces and the infopack reach all the participants.

Along with the Info pieces, the communiation between participants and the Foundation team happens on-line via a Facebook group created especially for the youth exchange. Participants share their personal presentations there along with photos, thoughts and questions on the topic of the project.


Project Aims and Objectives:

The Youth exchange aims at stimulating personal and professional development of youth through offering opportunities for exploration of their needs and mastering their strong sides, talents and passions using as a foundation Howard GArdner’s model of Multiple Intelligence.


  • To develop a positive attitude towards the diversity of talents and learning styles;
  • To create a positive attitude towards self-exploration and the connection with the self;
  • To give knowledge about the Theory of Multiple Intelligence by H. Gardner;
  • To offer participants a range of tools for personal development;
  • To support participants in identifying their strengths and needs;


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