Research among youth workers about areas for personal and professional development

As a major preparatory work, a research will be carried out among youth workers about the areas they need professional and personal development – based on quality and standards in youth work. The research will clarify which are the areas in which youth workers need development in order to improve the quality of their youth work. Research will involve youth workers in all 3 countries of the project. It will be held on national level and will receive broad information from different levels and sectors in youth field. Also consultations will be done among partners in other countries not involved in the project. The result will show the opinions and real needs of youth workers about what are the areas that need to be emphasized in the development of competencies for the improvement of quality in youth work.

The research will emphasize on specific skills and competencies rather than academic knowledge developed in the formal education system. The research will be carried out through a combination of methods – interview, questionnaires, consultations. The results will be formalized in a report. As a result there will be a list of areas to which the youth field should direct attention to improve and give possibilities for personal and professional development for youth workers.

Here you can read the results of the research: Summary of Survey О1


The project “ACHIEVE” innovative methods for training and development of youth workers is funded by the Erasmus + Programme of the European Union. The project is funded through Bulgarian National Agency (HRDC) under the number – 2016-2-BG01-KA205-023835.

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