Training of Youth workers

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 Training of Youth workers Learning for change

The training is aimed at youth workers who conduct educational activities with young people. The learning outcomes provides resources for youth workers to use non-formal learning and interactive teaching in their job. The youth workers will use this outcomes to continue working on different levels (local, national, international) and thus will be ensured long-lasting results and benefits for the young people in different situations and regions.

The current training, on one hand is aimed at people with relevant experience in the field of youth work. And on the other hand is aimed at developing specific competences in the youth workers – to be able to use methods of non-formal learning and to develop practical skills of young people, enhancing their employability and social coherence.


Ognian Gadoularov

"Confident, Responsible, Engaging, Calm, Well-mannered, Passionate, Positive, Protective, Interesting, Creative, Communicative, Very friendly, REVOLUTIONARY" - These are just some words that my friends and colleagues have said about me. I leave you to judge whether they are true. I am Youth worker and Trainer from Bulgaria. Currently working as a trainer specialized in trainings for communication and presentation skills. I am involved in interactive teaching and environmental education for children and youth. Also prepares and educates instructors for working with children and young people. Expert in conducting adventure programs based on methods of experiential learning and improving team performance. Certified instructor in rock climbing and slack lining. Since the autumn of 2011 I am part of the team of trainers of SALTO EuroMed, intended to promote international team conducting trainings in the context of Euro-Mediterranean cooperation and youth work.

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