NATURAL COMPASSION – nature-based practices for holistic development of youth workers

 NATURAL COMPASSION – nature-based practices for holistic development of youth workers Learning for changeNATURAL COMPASSION – nature-based practices for holistic development of youth workers

 Samotrace island, Greece, 29.06 – 08.07.2023

The Learning for Change Foundation is a partner in KA1 mobility of youth workers (training course) funded under the Erasmus + program.

NaturalCompassion will be introducing an innovative way to combine evidence-based science and deep inner knowledge from indigenous practices in order to reach a deep understanding of the developmental needs of a person in every stage of their lives. We aim to provide the means for the participants to step close to their wholeness. That way their target groups will be provided with healthy role models of functioning and well-developed adult figures. Wholeness and coherency are something youth is severely lacking in our uncertain times. Thus, youth workers will fill that need as they will gain the competences to develop and facilitate practices that lead in that direction.

NaturalCompassion is an opportunity and a way to create a group of innovators who can not only spread the message but be the message, as well. We plan to develop a community of open-minded and critical- thinking workers who recognize the new challenges and take action to solve them with modern resources based on proven approaches and practices. By integrating the concepts and the practices with the experience during the course, we want to encourage them in activities on all levels. We want to extend the impact of the project and reach out to youth and social workers on a wider scale.


  • To practice nature-based methods to stimulate the self-improvement of the participants, thus facilitating personal and professional development;
  • To introduce holistic ensoulment and embodiment practices for self-discovery and self-cultivation, integration, and reflection.
  • To develop a personal deep nature connection and cultivate environmental stewardship and ecological consciousness;
  • To inspire the improvement of personal positive attitudes;
  • To empower youth workers to adopt and create their own practices based on personal strengths, talents, and preferences in the field of personal development;
  • To create opportunities for international cooperation and partnership building