THE GIFT OF RE-MEMBERING: awakening ecological consciousness


Training course for Youth workers

THE GIFT OF RE-MEMBERING: awakening ecological consciousness

Gudevica village, Bugaria

24.10 – 02.11.2023

 THE GIFT OF RE-MEMBERING: awakening ecological consciousness Learning for change


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About the project

THE GIFT OF REMEMBERING is an international training course aimed at people who consider themselves agents of cultural change and social transformation. Humans who, with their actions, are examples in their community and leaders of the awakening and evolution of the world.

We once lived connected to ourselves and to the rest of the natural world. Our guiding values were those of environmental justice, spirituality, compassion, acceptance… we had a strong sense of belonging to Earth, we were aware of our ecological role and we felt whole.

This experiential week that we’ve called “The Gift of Re-membering” is about remembering that past reality and bringing it to the present, and about consciously rejoining (re-membering) the Web of Life in all our greatness.

In today’s Western society, the values of consumerism, conformity and industrial growth rule. All of them have proven to be toxic and destructive to the Big Web of Life of which humans are an integral part. By destroying nature, using it as a mere resource for personal profit, we are destroying the future of our children and grandchildren.

Humanity needs an urgent change, to transform this world of deepening inequality, violence, addictions and continuing disconnection from nature (both external and internal), into one based on peace, equality, real freedom, and connection to ourselves, others and the rest of the natural world.

There is a need for people who, through their actions, demonstrate a life based on ecocentric values. People creating and affirming a life-enhancing culture, who inspire future generations of youth for psychological, spiritual and professional growth in harmony with nature. People laying the foundation for a future built on environmental justice, deep spirituality, compassion and acceptance.


To facilitate the development of ecological consciousness in the participating youth workers, through the creation of an environment in which they will experience and learn practices, methods, and models conducting to this, provoking a personal transformation as well as the development of competencies that will allow them to replicate the methods with their target groups.

  • To develop participant’s knowledge in nature-based human development by learning and practicing the principles and models of eco-centric development;
  • To develop new skills, competences and ideas in facilitating the development of ecological consciousness;
  • To provide an opportunity to experience a space of safety, intimacy, and profound connection in which personal exploration is encouraged and supported by community;
  • To engage and guide participants through innovative processes of personal transformation aiming at eco-awakening;
  • To inspire in the participants a shift in values and worldviews that will foster a deep nature connection, empathy to all creatures and a sense of oneness with the natural world;
  • To support participant’s connection to their sense of responsibility for the environment.

Nature and the wild outdoors are great allies to support the development of our wholeness and our “eco-awakening”.

Eco-awakening is the process by which we remember our primary place of belonging and purpose as Earth. Our individual and collective historical loss of connection with Nature has caused us to live with profound unmet developmental needs that would have contributed to the development of our wholeness.

Eco-soul-centric development proposes not only to address the symptoms and consequences of these losses but, more importantly, brings a roadmap towards re-acquiring these skills and re-meeting these essential needs we have if we are to develop as healthy, mature adults in service to a changing world.

This program will provide innovative ways and methods to address these developmental needs and take steps towards self-healing and personal transformation in a more wholesome and connected way. It will also aim at empowering the participants to offer these methods to the various groups and individuals they work with and become agents of visionary change within their communities.



 THE GIFT OF RE-MEMBERING: awakening ecological consciousness Learning for change


This program is for people who are working in the field of inclusion, social support, youth work, or mentoring. These could be non-formal educators, youth workers, psychologists, schoolteachers, career counselors, wilderness guides, or anyone involved in supporting or guiding the development of a person. Most importantly, the program is for people who have a hunger and readiness to look at their own personal transformation with a view to thereafter offer their gifts to others. Participants also need to have an interest or curiosity for nature and the wild outdoors as this will be a pillar method and they will spend a week immersed in a natural environment.

You can apply for this training course if you are from any EU Member state (Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Greece, Spain, France, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Hungary, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Ireland, Croatia, Italy, Cyprus, Latvia, Malta, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Slovakia, Finland, Sweden) or any of the associated with the Erasmus + Programme countries (North Macedonia, Serbia, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Turkey).

Participants must be over 18 years and have a good level of English as the entire course will be in English.



If you want to participate in this training course, we invite you to fill in the application form available at this link: APPLICATION FORM


The deadline for applications submission is 01 August 2023 (included).

Detailed Call for participants –  INFOPACK


Galena Tsvetkova – Project Coordinator

+359 888 566 655


We ask that you refrain from using any consciousness-altering substance (alcohol, cannabis, any drug, etc.) for the whole duration of the course. This is because the program will be offering nature-based methods of consciousness shifting for which your whole mental and physical capacities will be required. By applying to the course, you commit to respect this agreement.



 THE GIFT OF RE-MEMBERING: awakening ecological consciousness Learning for changeOGNIAN GADOULAROV (Bulgaria) is a passionate naturalist, rock climber, and expert in wildlife, birds, and forests. For 11 years, he has been working in the field of non-formal education and personal development.

Ognian supports people to unfold their full potential in life and to discover themselves. He is a guide with interests and experience in meditation, yoga, and energy practices. His favorite topics are personal development, self-discovery, responsible consumption, human-nature reciprocity. He lives as an activist for cultural evolution, re-sacredtising life and reconnecting people with more-than-human-world. As a participant in the Great Turning, he likes to be known as Fire of Life and The Tree Listener, dedicated to the Great work for fair future for all living and nonliving beings on Earth.

Оgnian is part of Nature-based Wholing and Self-healing Wild Mind Training Programme (WMTP) at Bill Plotkin’s Animas Valley Institute, Colorado, USA.


 THE GIFT OF RE-MEMBERING: awakening ecological consciousness Learning for changeESTHER VALLADO (Spain) is a committed environmentalist, founding manager of the environmental education organization “Asociación Biodiversa”, and a non-formal learning trainer specializing in environmental issues, nature connection, and personal development through nature-based methods.

She studied Environmental Sciences and worked for several years for some of the major nature conservation organizations. She found her true path upon discovering the transformational power of non-formal learning. Since then, she focuses as a freelancer on providing meaningful learning experiences in nature for young people and adults.

Esther is currently exploring the fields of systems thinking, degrowth, biomimicry, and neuroscience. She is a follower of Buddhist philosophy principles and likes to see herself as an Earth pilgrim. She believes in the power of individuals to change the world and dreams of a planet in which humans live in harmony with themselves, each other, and the environment we all share.

 THE GIFT OF RE-MEMBERING: awakening ecological consciousness Learning for changeKRISTINA PAVLOVA (Bulgaria) Has been working with kids and adults since 2010. Her inspiration is based on deep connection with all beings, humans and more-than-humans, conversations that create space for diversity to take its place. A passionate environmentalist she likes to combine non-formal education with nature connection. Her passion for nature protection have lead her to global ecovillage network, community living, and numerous environmental NGOs. Personal and social transformation is what ignites all she does.