What the training offers

 What the training offers Learning for changeThis program will provide innovative ways and methods to address these developmental needs and take steps towards self-healing and personal transformation in a more wholesome and connected way. It will also aim at empowering the participants to offer these methods to the various groups and individuals they work with and become agents of visionary change within their communities.



Personal transformation – exploring pattern behaviour, psycho-spiritual obstacles and limiting beliefs in order to reconnect to one’s authenticity, gifts and purpose.

Culture repair – transforming the individual to transform our cultures and learning tools and practices to build authentic connection in our communities.

Nature connection – meeting nature as an ally to mirror our deep unconscious selves and discover how to converse with it as a tool for personal revelation and cultural transformation.

Sacred and ancestral practices – rediscovering the benefits, purpose and ways of Fire tending, ceremony and ritual.

Authentic movement – introducing dancing and free movement as a tool to connect to self and manage oneself authentically.

Creativity – using drawing, painting, poetry, storytelling, singing, chanting as means to express and comprehend complex emotions and thoughts.

Personal practice – developing personal routine practices such as yoga, breathwork, meditation etc. to cultivate a grounded and balanced way of being.


  • Nature-based methods
  • Free authentic movement
  • Creative expression
  • Practices for wholing and self-healing
  • Solo time in nature
  • Fasting
  • The Way of Council
  • Befriending the night-time
  • Pan-cultural ceremonies
  • Wisdom practices rituals
  • Living as a community (communal cleaning, cooking etc. and tending to our relational field.)