Nature path to heart and peace

 Nature path to heart and peace Learning for change
Nature path to heart and peace

Training course for Youth workers

Nature path to heart and peace provides opportunities for development and competence gaining for youth workers. The whole concept of the training process is based on innovative methods targeting personal and professional development of the participants. The Nature based methods and Art practices will be offered as powerful tools for growth. We believe that these methods can be very beneficial for young people.

In the training we will introduce integrated approach consisting of elements from nature based learning, art and creativity.

During the training based on nature practices participants will explore how these practices can serve as a tool for increasing inclusion, confidence and for creating a sustainable positive mindset. These results can be in great benefit for young people nowadays.

Given this, Nature path to heart and peace aims at training youth workers to use the Nature based methods and Art practices within an integrated approach to individual and group support.



The training course is built on a flow which combines elements of practice/experience, reflection, theory and application. Thus, we are aiming at:

  • Providing knowledge and skills linking nature based methods and art in integrated approach;
  • Creating a safe space for sharing and freely expressing how global situation (war, conflict, social injustice, ecological crisis etc.) influence youthworkers and their target groups;
  • Developing skills to provide support in development and learning through an integrated approach;
  • Demonstration of innovative nature based and art methods and tools for working with young people;
  • Development of practical tools for working with young people.
Participant profile:
  1. RELEVANT PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: people who have experience in youth work. The participants should have one of the following roles: youth workers, youth leaders, educational and career counsellors, teachers, general educators, trainers, mentors, coaches, educational nature guides.
  2. MOTIVATION: persons who feel a strong calling to participate in this course and have strong and relevant motivation for joining the process. The motivation should be a blend of personal and professional factors. We are looking for people who feel comfortable of being in nature (as the topic will be addressed through nature based practices) and who can immerse themselves in natural learning environments.

The participants must be over 18 years and have a good level of English.