WILD AWAKENINGS: nature-based practices for cultivating wholeness and eco-awakening

 WILD AWAKENINGS: nature-based practices for cultivating wholeness and eco-awakening Learning for changeWILD AWAKENINGS: nature-based practices for cultivating wholeness and eco-awakening


Training course for Youth workers


WILD AWAKENINGS is an international training course for Earth-based agents of personal and cultural change. It is an exploration of personal and cultural transformation through the lens of eco-soul-centric development. Through discovering tools such as nature-connection, depth psychology, creativity, authentic communication and ancestral wisdom practices, this program aims at equipping participants with the resilience, inner-sustainability, self-management and sense of purpose that our current world requires. The course is addressed to those who facilitate or support others in their holistic human development, or long to do so, and who are willing to go through the authentic journey of personal transformation themselves, in order to be more responsible, integral and creative agents of change.



The aim of the course: To offer a shift in the understanding and practicing of holistic human development by learning and experiencing the ways to connect with Nature within oneself, with the other, and with the natural world.

  • To develop the knowledge of those interested in nature-based human development by learning and practicing the key principles and maps of eco-centric development;
  • To develop new skills, competences and ideas in facilitating nature-based holistic human development;
  • To provide an opportunity to experience a space of safety, intimacy and profound connection in which personal exploration is encouraged and supported by community;
  • To engage and guide participants through innovative processes of personal transformation;
  • To inspire in the participants the shifts in values and worldviews that will foster a more sustainable, resilient and wholesome human culture;
  • To support participants connect to their sense of purpose, soul’s calling and gifts;
  • To motivate and empower individuals to create and offer their gifts in a way that is meaningful and reflective of their gifts and identity.
Participant profile:

This program is for people who are working in the field of inclusion, social support, youth work or mentoring. These could be non-formal educators, youth workers, schoolteachers, career councillors, wilderness guides or anyone involved in supporting or guiding the development of a person. Most importantly, the programme is for people who have a hunger and readiness to look at their own personal transformation with a view to thereafter offer their gifts to others. Participants also need to have an interest or curiosity for nature and the wild outdoors as this will be a pillar method.

Participants must be over 18 years and have a good level of English as the entire course will be in English.