Realitycraft Learning for change

The Learning for Change Foundation is a partner in KA1 mobility of youth workers (training course) funded under the Erasmus + program.

From 18th to 27th of September 2018, Actions for Change organized the international training course “Realitycraft”, financed by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

The purpose of “Realitycraft” is to discover and explore the resources of the human potential through nature-based activities and embodiment practices in order to contribute to a more sustainable and inclusive world for all humans.

Our minds and bodies possess astonishing resources, untapped potentials and depths that we might not even know exist until we discover how to access them, cultivate their powers, and eventually integrate them into our everyday lives. In this training course, we’ll access these depths and potentials in order to cultivate and bring them to our community in order to contribute to a life enhancing world.

During the training course we intend to:
  • discover the 4 facets connected to the 4 directions of the human psyche based on the model of The Nature based Map of the Human Psyche in order to live our life from wholeness.
  • explore the inner soul gifts and resources based on the model of Soulcraft in order to find our place in the World and manifest the soul-gifts.
  • bring to life the hidden resources of the human self through embodiment practices and nature-based practices.
  • create a commUNITY of heart-minded, dedicated people who create transformational learning environments in order to support and guide the authentic growth of all young people.

The photo album from the training – HERE

The video from the training – HERE