Eco-trail Vetrintsi – Kalomen

Eco-trail Vetrintsi - Kalomen

The team of Learning for Change, together with the members of the Tourist Society "Bacho Kiro", the team of Vetrintsi's community centre and local people, cleared up the trail between the villages of Vetrintsi and Kalomen.

The route starts in the lower part of Vetrintsi, goes through fields and forests.

The elevation gain is small and the length of the eco-trail is 5 km.

Standard map
Satellite map






The following map will guide you through the eco-trail and it also shows some of the local species you can come across on your walk. 

Map colours legend:
Blue – these species aren’t endangered or protected under the Biological Diversity Act;
Green – these species aren’t endangered but are protected under the Biological Diversity Act;
Red - these species are endangered and protected under the Biological Diversity Act.


If you'd like to see photos from our work on this and other eco-trails, please take a look at this gallery.

The Nature as a Teacher project is financed by Vivacom Regional Grant 2022.