Обучителен курс – Earth Mentors

 Обучителен курс – Earth Mentors Учене за промяна


Фондация “Учене за промяна” набира участници за присъствен обучителен курс, 01 – 09.08.2022, финансиран по програма Еразъм +.


Срок за кандидатстване 25.05.2022


„Earth Mentors“е международно обучение за младежки работници, които искат да станат агенти на културна трансформация и да действат като фасилитатори на цялостното човешко развитие, чрез методиката на менторството .

Работния език е английски.


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Ето и подробно описание ан курса на английски:



“Earth Mentors” is an international training for youth workers who want to become agents of cultural transformation, and act as facilitators of nature based holistic human development, by using the framework of mentoring. It is a space for deep connection with the Earth, the personal Inner World and the Others.
The training course will bring together 24 participants from: Romania, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovenia and Poland.
 Обучителен курс – Earth Mentors Учене за промяна CONTEXT, AIM AND OBJECTIVES
Nature, our home, the place of restoration, healing, empowerment, and visions. Rilke once said: “If we surrendered to earth’s intelligence, we could rise up rooted, like trees.”
“Earth Mentors” is an invitation to get in touch with the earth’s intelligence, that we find within and without ourselves.
Crafted with deep passion, integrity, and professionalism, “Earth Mentors” is a profound exploration that focuses on the following dimensions:
– Connection with the Earth and the natural world.
– Connection with the personal Inner World (the realm of personal resources, gifts, powers, dreams, visions, longings, personal mission).
– Connection with the Others, by deep and authentic relating.
The learning process is planned for stimulating and developing the four human dimensions: the physical, the mental, the emotional and the spiritual.
 Обучителен курс – Earth Mentors Учене за промяна AT THE CORE OF THIS TRAINING IS THE PRACTICE OF MENTORING.
Mentoring evokes the unique soul in one’s life, develops the qualities of the human wholeness and supports the healing of both personal and cultural. To mentor is to engage the mentee in an embodied and archetypal knowledge of who they are, offering guidance through deep listening, asking questions, tracking, mirroring, loving and witnessing the blossoming of their story, into a more fulfilled and meaningful existence meant to serve the Earth community.
Participants will be guided on a journey to reconnect with their inner self, body, mind and emotions, to express openly and creatively, and by being invited to get out of their comfort zone to cultivate trust, openness and connection with themselves, others and nature as the foundation for becoming a source of heart-based positive transformation for the community.
 Обучителен курс – Earth Mentors Учене за промяна THROUGH THIS PROJECT WE INTEND THE FOLLOWINGS:
– To create a space of deep transformation and learning, in which the participants can evolve at personal and professional level.
– To develop the knowledge of those involved in the areas of holistic human development and mentoring.
– To engage the participants in the process of skills development in the themes of the project.
– To inspire and motivate the participants to become agents of cultural transformation.
– To support the participants become multipliers of nature based human development.
 Обучителен курс – Earth Mentors Учене за промяна TOPICS AND TRAINING METHODOLOGY
The approach we are following combines elements of depth psychology, experiential learning, outdoor education, deep nature connection, indigenous wisdom and principles observed in nature. All these elements aim at developing authentic, free, responsible, empowered, and visionary human beings.
 Обучителен курс – Earth Mentors Учене за промяна WE WILL WORK WITH A BUNDLE OF TOPICS AND THEMES, SUCH AS:
– Nature based psychological models and tools: understanding the human psyche, our behaviors, and how we function at deep level.
– Self-exploration: connecting with the inner world, our talents, gifts, passions, dreams, longings and personal mission.
– Mentoring: learning how to support and empower others, by deep listening, asking questions, mirroring, tracking, and offering unconditional support.
– Storytelling: working with folktales, wisdom stories, myths, and personal stories.
– Nature connection: experiencing practices and activities for deep nature connection and learning from the natural world.
– Artistic ways of expression (drawing, land art, poetry, music etc.): getting in touch with our inner artist and exploring artistic ways for authentic self-expression.
– Movement and embodiment: getting in touch with the intelligence of our bodies, exploring ways of self-expression and authenticity through movement.
These topics will be addressed by a wide variety of practices and activities, such as:
Nature explorations, solo time in nature, presentations, interactive discussions, reflection groups, land-art, working in pairs, journaling, symbolic art, music making, storytelling, interactive games, mindfulness practices, meditation, the way of council, dancing, embodiment, poetry, activities facilitated by participants, nature connection activities etc.